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Some people lie because it’s convenient. 

Imaginary Person 1: “Hey, you look haggard. Are you ok?”

Imaginary Person 2 (who is having the worst day of his/her life- hungry but broke, some retard accidentally spilled his coffee on his/her new jeans, and on top of that his pet hamster Henry just died): “Yeah, It’s all good.”

Some people lie because it’s most probably the best idea and because saying the truth might get you shipped off to some lone island in Angola. 

Imaginary Person 3 (Your professor who just caught you talking in class): “Do you want me to send you out?” 

Imaginary Person 4 (and you’re just dying to get out of that darn class because you’ve got diarrhea and it’s dying to exit your system AND you badly wanna scream this at your unsympathetic professor but instead you say..): “No sir.” (chill, like a boss)

I just really have a knack for exaggeration don’t I? But in reality, for every .0983 millisecond, a lie is being told somewhere in this universe. Some chameleon disguises himself as a branch just to get that fly to come closer. THEN BAM. No more fly. Just a happy chameleon. Then you have days when the sun’s shining like the ozone layer is completely depleted and it’s burning against your skin and then suddenly you feel raindrops plopping on your head like “wtf it’s sunny af and there’s rain?” Geez even nature has mastered the art of deception.

..And then there are lies told by us mere mortals. 

You know what I think is the most deceiving one?

"I’m sorry. It’s never gonna happen again."

Don’t you just hate apologies that sound so genuine and you wanna believe so bad that it’s all going to be a one time screw up thing but then after sometime the same exact apology just ends up getting repeated over and over? Hey people, apologizing is one thing but forgiving is another. It actually takes more emotional effort to do that. Forgive and forget? Oh please. It never works out that way. You always end up remembering. The brain’s a bitch. It stores the memories even those that you so badly wanna forget. So they say, you gotta take the good with the bad. But this shit right here? It’s not just “bad”. It’s like bad to the nth exponent- a number so high i don’t believe it exists; It’s down right slum-dog ugly, that’s what it is. 

I try to look at it from all angles, and I distort my neck in the process.. but I can’t seem to comprehend your way of thinking. Do you like the whole apologize-and-screw-it-up-and-apologize-all-over-again cycle? Is that your idea of self-entertainment? How lovely *insert 500 pound sarcasm here*. Some people just have so much growing up to do these days, seriously.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve found myself in this situation where I have to go back and forth with myself if it’s worth giving another shot at. I’m not sure if it’s because I have so much love in my system or because I simply am just the weakest tool out there who can’t even stand up for what she deserves (can’t believe I just admitted that out loud).

I’d say "I’m done" but then I find myself going back to usual habits that are comfortable- which is to just forget anything ever happened and just try to be happy. Whistle a tune and sway my arms casually at my sides while skipping towards a sunrise- that kind of dumb image. But then I ask myself why do I keep forcing this happiness with you when I can clearly have it effortlessly with someone else? 

Why do I settle for less than what I deserve? #whatisstupid

Most people would tell me “I told you so”. Those who don’t know me would probably say, “Stop complaining and just do something about it you whiner.” I get it. It’s obvious what needs to be done and I’ve tried so many times to force some kind of . So does anyone know where I can find the strength to do it? Email me if you have the address of this wonderful place. Thanks.


now that’s a tree house.


now that’s a tree house.

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This is the kind of place i wanna come home to.

This is the kind of place i wanna come home to.

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